Maintenance Services

Our ability to provide contract services to the highest standards is founded on our 25 years experience and qualified background in horticulture, greenkeeping, landscape architecture, landscape construction and employee management.

Koori Services Australia can assume total responsibility for your contract landscape maintenance requirements. Utilising dedicated operations staff, equipment, facilities and management, we specialise in landscape maintenance and related services, with qualified specialists in every field.

A high degree of liaison with our clients ensures that all long-term maintenance requirements, budget parameters and any long term planning and up-grading of the contract requirements are met at all times.

The aim of our landscape maintenance service is to maintain the landscaping of all our clients at the highest level of visual quality. Koori Services Australia employs more than 70 qualified staff and accredited experts in the fields of landscape architecture, horticulture, greenkeeping, construction and maintenance. Additional specialist advice for pathology, soil, and other requirements is sourced from our panel of reliable and qualified third parties.

Our field crews are highly mobile and utilise modern equipment that allows them to perform their tasks quickly and efficiently at any particular location.

Maintenance is a core activity comprised of a number of different but essential components.

It combines horticulture, botany, soil science, chemistry and environmental and landscape design factors, overlaid by a requirement for high levels of personnel, staff programming and management, accounting procedures, fleet and maintenance tasks, management and administrative procedures.

Associated services such as cleaning, pesticide and herbicide programs, tree services and irrigation system management are integral to our overall service. Our in-house accredited management system is utilised for all aspects of service provision.

Our clients landscape assets require our detailed understanding and knowledge of landscape architecture and horticulture, for their long-term maintenance and maturity. Landscape management is dependent on appropriate landscape design, continuing improvements to the landscape, the ongoing rejuvenation of planted areas, turf, soil, mulch, the successful integration of hardscape areas with the surrounding soft landscape, and ensuring that these works are conducted in a coordinated and methodical manner.

To successfully manage all these factors and provide the highest quality service, we have undertaken an ongoing program of implementing quality control systems, based on ISO 9001 as applicable to our activities. Our system is directed at achieving an acceptable high level of quality at the work site and at all levels of administration and client communication.Our clients rely on our operational systems and expertise for the care of their sites and facilities, giving them a single point of grounds maintenance responsibility.

Our expertise is founded in our past experience providing maintenance services to range of private and public sector clients including:

  • The Commonwealth of Australia
  • ACT Government
  • Defence Housing Authority
  • AMP Capital Investors
  • Healthscope
  • ING
  • Mirvac Group
  • ACT Property Group

Our provision of support services to Commonwealth Agencies and State Government Departments, comprises the delivery of long-term services.

Our Services include:

  • Lawns, mass planting, trees and general maintenance
  • Irrigation system maintenance
  • Broad-acre and sports field mowing
  • Heritage area landscape maintenance
  • Bushland regeneration
  • Insect and disease control
  • Indoor plant hire. Installation of new and replacement plantstock
  • Installation of new and replacement turf
  • Repairs and construction of garden borders
  • Repair and construction of walling systems
  • Sub-surface and surface drainage work
  • Paving, wall, soft-fall repair and installation
  • Maintenance administration
  • Maintenance specifications and manual preparation
  • Task scheduling and costings
  • Quality Assurance inspections and reporting
  • Employee management and HR services
  • Tree and arboricultural services
  • Cleaning services (including graffiti removal)
  • Waste management services
  • Traffic management services