Our vision

KSA is a new Indigenous business, the expertise utilised to provide the KSA services represent 30 years experience in the provision of high-quality long term maintenance and landscape management services. It will rapidly become the leading Indigenous employer in the Landscape services industry in the ACT and New South Wales, then nationally.

Our mission

To create the capability and expertise to enable Indigenous people to participate in the real economy, thereby empowering them to be active agents in their own development.

Our commitment

  • We value our people and their safety above all else
  • We care for our environment
  • We strive to deliver projects professionally to a high standard on time and on budget
  • We provide employment, training and health and wellbeing support to our Indigenous team members
  • We work as a team and as individuals are respectful to our colleagues and our clients
  • We conduct ourselves in a fair, ethical and honest way
  • We seek to continuously improve all aspects of our business

Our people

All Management and our carefully selected employees are highly-motivated people, the majority are Indigenous.

Consistency of Service

  • We recognise and value consistency across all aspects of our business.
  • We prioritise continuity in relationships with clients and consistency in the delivery of our services for our clients.

Training, Support and Wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of our employee and their families is of paramount importance 

In order for our staff members reach their full professional potential, as well as achieve stable home and personal lives, KSA operates an innovative, holistic support and wellbeing program.

Support and wellbeing program

We use an individual case management approach towards providing staff with personalised support services in areas where they may require assistance, such as primary medical and mental health issues, nutrition, as well as accredited training.

Through this training & support, we are able to maintain a stable, highly-skilled workforce and empowered individual staff members to achieve employment and professional goals in the long-term.

A Career with Koori Services Australia

We invest in our people and support them to grow. Career paths are encouraged at entry level, through our structured training, support and wellbeing program, designed to attract Indigenous men and women from both regional and remote communities.

Trainee and apprenticeship positions are offered to individuals who are committed to building a career in the commercial sector of our industries. Our open and inclusive culture, which encourages staff to grow with the organisation, is important to us.  We place a high priority on the retention and development of our people, and in turn, enjoy a low employee turnover rate.

Contact us to apply for a position with Koori Services Australia.